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Works in Progress
(please email for most recent draft)

"Why Mortgages Loans Cost More in Indian Country:  Evidence from Confidential Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data," (with Matthew Gregg and Helen Willis Banga).

"The Effects of Christian Missions for Indigenous Peoples in the United States," (with Maggie Jones and David Scoones).

"The Determinants and Impacts of Historical Treaty-Making in Canada" (with Maggie Jones and Rob Gillezeau).

Working Papers

"Collective Bargaining Rights, Policing, and Civilian Deaths” (with Jamein Cunningham and Rob Gillezeau).

“The Promise of Economic Integration: Evidence from the First Bank in a American Indian Nation” (with Rachel Wellhausen and Calvin Thrall). (Revise and Resubmit)

"Heterogeneous Returns to Active Labour Market Programs for Indigenous Populations" (with Kelly Foley and Maggie Jones).

"Native American “Deaths of Despair” and Economic Conditions" (with Randall Akee, Marina Mileo Gorzig, and Samuel Myers Jr.)

Illuminating Economic Development in Indigenous Communities (with Rob Gillezeau and Maggie Jones) (Revise and Resubmit) (Contact Author's Before Citing)

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